Despite Rising Ripple Transaction Volume, Analyst Says XRP Still Incredibly Weak

  2019-12-09 21:00:06

XRP – the digital token closely associated to FinTech company Ripple – has had a rough couple of years, plummeting from highs of over $3.00 in early-2018 and finding itself caught within a firm downtrend that has persisted throughout all of 2018 and 2019. Although many major altcoins saw some relief in the first half...The post Despite Rising Ripple Transaction Volume, Analyst Says XRP Still Incredibly Weak appeared first on NewsBTC.

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Coinjer scam: Telegram becomes host to notorious fraud scheme

  2019-12-09 20:44:54

Coinjer scam is one of the latest social media-based scams to surface recently. Operating on Telegram the scam is trying to make unsuspecting investors invest their Bitcoin in hopes of receiving more. Coinjer scam Coinjer scam is a small-scale attempt at making investors lose their Bitcoin. The platform promises BTC rewards but never pays it. The platform advertises by sending messages on Telegram telling their targets that they have won 0.25 Bitcoins. However, it states that the least withdrawal amount if 0.3 Bitcoins and users have to deposit 0.5 BTC to withdraw the total amount. However, despite making the payments

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Early BitMEX investor sues crypto exchange for allegedly denying him $50M worth of equity

  2019-12-09 20:39:17

Quick TakeAn angel investor said he gave BitMEX $30,000 in 2015 as one of the first angel investors in the company when nobody believed in itNow, the investor has sued the exchange for defrauding him of his presumably $50 million worth of equity sharesBitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes allegedly promised the investor to convert his investment into equity holding, but the conversion never happened 

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